Coda Audio Services Hire Inventory

Yamaha CL5 Console

Coda Audio Services has an extensive inventory of speaker systems, consoles, amplifiers, processors, radio and conventional microphones, communications, playback and recording equipment and of course a complete cabling and rigging infrastructure. We also carry a range of small analog mixers, switched microphones and equipment suitable for user set-up. All equipment is available for direct hire at attractive rates.


All enquiries are held in confidence and all quotations are obligation free.

Loudspeakers Self Powered
Meyer MILO
Meyer MILO120
Meyer MICA
Meyer 700-HP
Meyer M3D
Meyer M3D-SUB
Meyer JM-1P
Meyer MSL-6
Meyer PSW-6
Meyer MSL-4
Meyer DS-4P
Meyer UPA-1P
Meyer MTS4A
Meyer CQ1
Meyer UPM-1P
Yamaha DXR10
Loudspeakers Non Powered
Meyer UPA-1C
Meyer MSL-2A
Meyer MM-4
Meyer USW
Nexo PS10
Nexo PS8
Martin EM15
Monitor Speakers
Meyer MJF-212A
Meyer USM-1A
Electrovoice XW12
Yamaha MSP3
Yamaha MSP5
Yamaha MS101
Crown MA3600VZ
Crown MA2400/2402
Crown MA1200/1202
Crown MA600
Crown K2
Crown K1
Camco Vortex 3
QSC 1.0
QSC RMX 1850

Signal Distribution & Multicore Splitters

Coda 24/48 way multicore systems
Coda transformer isolated splitters
Coda 8 way Sub-systems
Klark Teknik DN1248
Lifting Gear
Verlinde Stagemaker 2000kg
Verlinde Stagemaker 1000kg
Verlinde Stagemaker 500kg


Mixing Consoles Analog
Midas Heritage 4000
Midas Heritage 3000
Midas Verona 400
Midas Siena 320
Plus a range of small mixers
Mixing Consoles Digital
Yamaha PM5D-RH
Yamaha DSP5D
Yamaha CL5
Yamaha CL1
Yamaha QL1
Yamaha RIO Rio3224-D
Yamaha RIO Rio1608-D
Yamaha RIO Ri8-D
Yamaha RIO Ro8-D
System Control & Measurement
Meyer Galileo 616
Meyer Galileo Callisto 616
Meyer SIM3
Meyer LD3
Klark Technic DN9848
Effects and Equalisers
Lexicon PCM81
Lexicon PCM91
Lexicon PCM90
TC Electronic D-TWO
TC Electronic M2000
TC Electronic M5000
Yamaha SPX900
Yamaha SPX990
Effects & Equalisers
Klark Technic DN360
Dynamics Processors
Smart Research C2
Tube-Tech CL1B
DBX 160A
DBX 166A
DBX 1046
Drawmer DS-201
Replay & Record
Marantz CDR-510 Burner+Player
Marantz PMD340
Denon DNC635
Show Control / Playback / Recording
QLab show control on Apple Mac Mini
RME Fireface 800
Pro Tools


AKG C411
AKG C451/CK1
AKG C460B - CK61 & CK63 Capsules
AKG C5600
AKG D112
AKG SE300B - CK91, CK93 & CK98 Capsules
Audio Technica AT4050/CM5
Beyer M88
Bruel & Kjaer 4021
Crown PCC160
DPA 4061
DPA 4066, 4088 and d:fine™ Headsets
DPA 4090
DPA 4091
DPA 4099 - Full range of clips available
Electrovoice RE20
Neumann KM140 (KM100/AK40)
Neumann KM85
Neumann KMS105
Schoeps CMC6/MK4
Sennheiser e865
Sennheiser MD409
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD441
Shure Beta 52A
Shure Beta 56A
Shure Beta 57A
Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 87
Shure Beta 91
Shure Beta 98D/S
Shure Beta WB98H/C
Shure KSM9
Shure MX412/S - Gooseneck Podium Mic
Shure MX418/S - Gooseneck Podium Mic
Shure SH55
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure WL185
BSS AR133 Active DI
Coda Dual Passive DI
Radial JDI Passive DI
Radial JPC Active DI
Radial J48 Active DI
Radial USB-Pro DI
Wireless Systems
Shure UR2/Beta 58 H/H TX
Shure UR2/Beta 87 H/H TX
Shure UR2/KSM9 H/H TX
Shure UR1 Beltpack TX
Shure UR1M Micro Bodypack Transmitters
Shure UR4S+ Receivers
Shure UR4D+ Receivers
In Ear Monitors
Shure PSM 1000 Series Wireless IEM
Shure PSM 900 Series Wired IEM