Coda Audio Services Profile

Coda Audio Services production department provides sound systems of the highest quality for every size and type of public and private venue, for concerts, festivals, corporate events, theatrical productions and tours.

  • Highly skilled professional staff, experienced in all production requirements.
  • Complete sound design services using the latest technologies.
  • Extensive inventory of speaker systems, consoles and processors.
  • Wide range of microphones for optimum results in almost any situation.
  • Full support services: technical, sales, installation, hire and equipment repair.
  • Manufacturers of high quality equipment for production and installations.

The company operates nationally and also provides systems and personnel for international tours and events. Our staff are experienced in working in all types of venues and we cater for artists of all genres, offering an integrated professional service for any size of production.

We have a commitment to the review and acquisition of the latest technologies and have appropriate equipment for both the most demanding and the simplest of applications.

Our systems are expertly designed to meet your needs and to be as aesthetically and environmentally discreet as possible.

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Philip Murphy & Michael Wilkie

Coda Audio Services was formed in 1990 by Philip Murphy and Michael Wilkie.

Phil had toured and operated extensively overseas, supplying audio production services through his own U.K. based company for a wide range of productions throughout England, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Michael, having already established his own audio hire company, brought considerable experience in sound for theatre and performance venues to Coda. In addition, he had designed many audio products, and specified and managed the installation of sound systems in several Australian entertainment centres.

The formation of Coda offered them an opportunity to capitalize on their production management and audio engineering experience with the aim of providing high quality, professional level sound design and hire to theatres and corporate clients.

This ethos and the ability to provide extremely well tailored, high quality audio in almost any environment has attracted some of Australia's highest profile performers, producers and troupes as clients.

Singapore National Day 2002

In 2002, Coda undertook it's largest international event to date, the Singapore National Day Parade at the National Stadium, with an audience of approximately 60,000 people.

The success of this undertaking demonstrated the opportunities in the expanding South East Asian market for the style of services offered by Coda, and in 2003 Phil moved to Singapore to set up Coda Production Pte Ltd while Michael expanded the Australian operation with increased presence in sales and installation. Coda now has a full range of support services and continues to focus on the supply of high quality sound systems for concerts, theatre, touring bands and performers, outdoor events and corporate functions.