In addition to our production services we have dealerships for a large range of professional audio equipment. Our production experience allows us to help our clients in choosing the right equipment for their purpose.

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Visit AKG

For over 60 years AKG has provided microphones and headsets of the highest quality for stage and studio applications. AKG Headphones such as the K701 and K 702 are highly regarded by audiophiles and professionals. The AKG microphone range includes the classic C 12 VR, C 414, C 451 B condenser mics and D112 dynamic mic and the versatile AKG Blue Line series.

Visit Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath are one of the world's leading manufacturers of small and large format analogue and digital mixing consoles for live productions and installations. Allen & Heath's range of mixers include the Zed series, featuring the Zed-R16, the popular MixWizard series, the Xone series DJ mixers and the iLive range of digital mixers. For more information, please see the iLive homepage.

Visit Beyerdynamic

Found in almost every live production inventory and recording studio, Beyerdynamic provides the highest quality microphones, headphones and communications headsets. The M160 ribbon, M88TG, M201TG microphones are staples of audio production. The DT108 and DT109 headsets are the standard for communications systems and the DT990 PRO and DT770 PRO headphones are highly regarded, from audiophiles to studio and live engineers.

Visit d&b audiotechnik

Since the early 1980's d&b audiotechnik have developed systems that offer high performance and ease of use. From the compact E-series, to the flexible Q-series (featuring the Q1, Q7 and Q10) and the powerful J-series, d&b audiotechnik systems have a solution for all your sound reinforcement needs.

Visit dbx

dbx is a name synonymous with dynamic processing around the world. The 160A compressor/limiter with OverEasy and classic hard knee compression is one of the most popular processors in production, and the flagship 160SL is one of the highest quality devices available. dbx’s DriveRack series of processors are popular in many F.O.H racks and installations. The dbx range also features the 120A subharmonic synthesiser, the 166XL and 266XL dynamics, 1046 quad compressor/limiter and the 1231 dual 31 band graphic equaliser.

Visit Denon

Denon is as well known in the pro audio arena as it is in the hi-fi world. Denon rack mounted CD players, such as the DN-C635 and the DN-C615, are well regarded for their robustness and high quality. Denon professional equipment can be found in many theatres, broadcast studios and live touring racks.

Visit Drawmer

One of Drawmer's earliest products is still their most popular seller, the Drawmer DS201 dual noise gate. The industry standard DS201 was the first to offer "frequency conscious" gating, also offered in the DS404 quad noise gate. Drawmer compressors are also found in many touring and studio racks, including the DL241, DL441 and the classic Drawmer 1960 dual mic pre/vacuum tube compressor.

Visit Electrovoice

Electrovoice has a very wide range of speaker systems, amplifiers and microphones for almost any application. The X-Array and X-Line speaker systems feature in some of the largest and most prestigious installations and tours, while the SX300 and ZXA1 speakers are perfectly suited to smaller applications. The renowned RE20 microphone is a live and studio classic in its own right.

Visit Eurocable

Eurocable ultra-high specification microphone and multi-pair audio cable is used exclusively throughout Coda's hire inventory. It's high quality and reliability also makes it our first choice for all installations, from theatres to broadcast and recording studios.


Klark Teknik equalisers and audio processors are found in the racks of many major concert and theatre sound systems. The DN360 graphic equaliser has been produced for over 20 years, and compliments the Helix DN9340E digital equaliser and DN9331 Rapide controller. The DN1248 Plus active splitter provides high quality audio distribution for the most complex applications.

Visit Lexicon

Lexicon has long been the leader in the field of digital reverb and effects processing. From the industry standard PCM91, PCM92 and the flagship PCM96 digital reverbs, to the MX400 and MX300 effects processors, Lexicon offers some of the highest quality devices available today.

Visit Martin Audio

Martin Audio has long history of providing world class sound reinforcement systems for concert sound, theatre sound, permanent indoor and outdoor installations and cinema sound. The premium Wavefront series of line array and conventional loudspeakers is the first choice for many sound designers and system designers.

Visit Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound make some of the highest quality sound reinforcement loudspeakers available today. The M Series, featuring the MILO and MICA arrays, is equally at home in large outdoor concerts and indoor theatre environments. The Concert Series and Ultraseries loudspeakers are highly regarded the world over. Meyer's Galileo loudspeaker management system and SIM 3 audio analyzer are the perfect compliment to any Meyer system.

Visit Midas Consoles

Midas is one of the leading names in live production mixing consoles. Midas analogue consoles, such as the Legend 3000, and the XL8, PRO3, PRO6 and PRO9 digital systems are the standard for most production riders worldwide. The new stand-alone digital snakes and distribution systems bring Midas quality to any system. The Midas Venice mixing console is perfect for the smaller venue or system that still requires the Midas quality and sound.

Visit Neumann

For over 80 years Neumann has been one of the leading names in condenser microphone design. Neumann microphones are equally at home in the studio and on the stage. Classics like the U 87 Ai, USM 69 i and the TLM 170 R are still in production today, alongside modern designs such as the KM 184, KMS 104/105, TLM 49, TLM 67 and the valve M 147 and M149 models.

Visit Nexo

Nexo loudspeakers have a reputation for innovation and quality and are arguably one of the leading developers of line array systems and installed sound. The Nexo GEO series of line arrays and the PS R2 series of loudspeakers are able to suit the smallest club up to the largest outdoor venue.

Visit RCF

RCF manufactured loudspeakers are well known across the audio industry, not only for their own systems, but also as an OEM supplier for other well know manufacturers. RCF speaker systems are a great balance of quality and value for money. The well known ART series of loudspeakers and the larger 4PRO series and NX series are able to cover any requirement.

Visit RØDE

RØDE microphones are designed and manufactured in Australia and the company has been a market leader in professional microphones for over 20 years. RØDE offers products to suit almost any application and includes studio condensers, live dynamics and miniature headsets and lavaliers. The RØDE NT1-A large diaphragm condenser, M1 dynamic and NT4 XY stereo condenser are particularly respected and widely used in live performance and recording.

Visit Sennheiser

The Sennheiser name is strongly associated with the finest headphones, wireless microphone systems, and wired microphones. The Sennheiser MD 421-II, MD 441-U and Evolution series of microphones are classics found in almost every audio application. Sennheiser wireless microphone systems, such as the 5000 and 3000 series, are used by professionals everywhere.

Visit Shure

The Shure brand is instantly recognisable. The SM57 and SM58 are standard microphones that you will find in any production, while the SM7B is seen in many broadcast studios. Shure's ULX and UHF-R wireless microphone systems, and PSM personal monitor systems provide guaranteed performance in the most demanding situations.

Visit Soundcraft

Soundcraft's mixing consoles are perfect not only for the production on a budget, but also for major tours and installations. The Digital Live range, including the flagship Vi6 and cost effective Si series, are at the cutting edge of Soundcraft’s development. The Soundcraft Notepad series of mixers are perfect for small systems, while the GB series can handle large multi-microphone setups. The Soundcraft Ghost LE and the M series of mixers bring the Soundcraft sound to the recording studio.

Visit Tannoy

Tannoy loudspeakers have provided sound reinforcement for recording studios, theatres and concert venues for many years. The Tannoy Precision and Reveal series of active and passive studio monitors are trusted to provide quality monitoring. For live and theatre productions the passive VQ series, V series. DI range, and the active VQ NET, VNET and PowerV series provide a great range of solutions.

Visit Yamaha

The Yamaha name speaks for itself and the popularity of digital live mixing consoles such as the LS9 and M7 demonstrate this with excellent value for money and no compromise in performance. Effects processors such as the SPX2000 carry on a long tradition of studio/live FX, while the P series power amplifiers maintain the Yamaha's tradition of robust, cost effective amplifiers. The ubiquitous NS10 has now been replaced with the MSP and HS series studio monitors.

Click here to visit Coda's Yamaha digital pro-audio resource page.