Yamaha Digital Professional Audio

The Yamaha name speaks for itself, and the range of digital mixing consoles and accessories offer excellent value for money with no compromise in performance. Yamaha products are renowned for their technical innovation, rock solid reliability and intuitive control interfaces, making them industry standard workhorses available at realistic prices.

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PM5D-EX Expanded Digital Mixing System

Live Production

PM5D-EX Expanded Digital Mixing System

The PM5D-EX dramatically expands the processing and I/O capability of the PM5D. The PM5D-EX comprises a PM5D V2 console plus up to two DSP5D Digital Mixing Systems. This will give you the I/O and processing capacity of three PM5D V2 consoles controlled from a single control surface, plus the added advantages of cat5 digital multicore over long distances. The configurable system architecture, flexibility and expandability will handle just about any live sound application. The PM5D has always been one of the few large digital consoles that can run at 96khz sampling rate with a full feature set.

Datasheet - PM5D, PM5D-RH Datasheet - DSP5D, DCU5D Brochure - PM5D V2 (4.7MB)

PM5D V2 Digital Mixing Console

Live Production

PM5D-EX Expanded Digital Mixing System

The Yamaha PM5D V2 and PM5D-RH V2 deliver state-of-the-art digital performance, programmability and comprehensive recall in a dedicated, portable live control surface for virtually any sound reinforcement application. PM5D V2 includes over 30 refinements and innovations that have been implemented on the basis of feedback from experienced professionals in the field, including Virtual Soundcheck, extra EQ and Yamaha Add-On Effects. PM5D V2 also offers full compatibility with Yamaha's new DSP5D Digital Mixing System.
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CL Series Digital Mixing Consoles and Rio I/O Racks

Live Production

CL5 console - 72 mono and 8 stereo inputs, with built-in meter bridge

The CL series is a new addition to the Yamaha range of Digital Mixing Consoles. The most advanced digital audio technology available and the evolution of Yamaha's Digital Mixer design philosophy has been applied throughout the series to deliver natural sound in an extraordinarily flexible range of products.

The system consists of three control surface/processor engines and two sizes of remote I/O racks connected by the Dante™ protocol. All specifications other than channel capacity are consistent throughout the line-up, so you get the same capabilities and performance whichever model you choose for your application. This also means consistent performance and operation in systems that implement multiple consoles. Every aspect of the design, from the evolution of Yamaha's highly respected Centralogic™ control, exceptional attention to ergonomic detail and constant evaluation of sonic capability during the development process, represents a step closer to the sonic and functional perfection which is Yamaha's goal.

CL Series and Rio Rack Brochure - (9.8MB)

M7CL Range of Digital Mixing Consoles

Live Production

Yamaha M7CL-48ES system.

The M7CL range consists of the M7CL-32, M7CL-48 and the M7CL-48ES. The M7CL-48ES features a built-in EtherSound interface for 48 remotely recallable XLR inputs and 24 XLR outputs (when fully expanded) via Cat5e in place of the internal mic preamps. It retains all the M7CL features including three expansion card slots available for live recording, Version 3 software on-board and full data compatibility with all M7CL consoles. All M7CLs feature a user friendly evolution of the Yamaha digital console user interface, including the Centralogic™ section, 16 mix buses, LCR bus, 8 matrix channels, 8 DCAs assignable to 16 omni outputs, high resolution effects and onboard graphic EQs. A summary of each mixer's capabilities is shown in The Systems Comparison Datasheet below.

M7CL Systems Comparison Datasheet - M7CL-48, M7CL-32 Brochure - M7CL V3 (2.8MB)

LS9 Digital Mixing Console

Live Production

Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console.

The LS9 is Yamaha's most accessible live digital mixing solution. Available in a rack-mountable, 16-fader, 32-channel chassis or a mid-sized, 32-fader, 64-channel format with an identical core interface, the LS9 is a high-quality, compact, affordable and easy-to-use dedicated live console aimed at replacing conventional analogue mixers for live sound reinforcement and installation applications.

LS9 Systems Comparison Datasheet - LS9-32, LS9-16 Brochure - LS9 (4.5MB)

SB168-ES Stage Box


Yamaha SB168-ES Stage Box.

The SB168-ES remote stage box is designed to be used together with Yamaha digital mixers like the LS9 and M7CL. Utilising EtherSound technology, the SB168-ES gives you low-latency, high-quality bidirectional audio and control transfer over distances of up to 100 metres using a single Cat5e cable. Each unit gives you 16 XLR inputs, each with its own remotely controllable mic preamp, in addition to 8 XLR outputs. Daisy chain up to four units for simultaneous use.

SB168-ES Systems Comparison Datasheet - SB168-ES Brochure - SB168-ES (1.5MB)

DM2000 VCM Digital Production Console

Live / Recording / Broadcast

Yamaha DM2000 VCM console overview.

The Yamaha DM2000VCM is a complete multi-platform mixing system. This high performance digital console offers 96 input channels, extensive surround production features, integrated digital audio workstation and ProTools® control. The DM2000 VCM is the only console to offer 96 channels, 96 kHz effects, advanced surround facilities, extensive integrated DAW and machine control, PC and card-based data management and digital patching in such a cost-effective, compact frame size. The Yamaha DM2000 provides full automation of virtually all console parameters, and features 24 smooth, quiet, touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized channel faders, which can instantly be layer-switched to control the 96 channels. The DM2000 VCM delivers unprecedented value by adding over $6,000 worth of Yamaha's Add-On Effects packages to the improved performance, added features, enhanced connectivity and cascading capability of the DM2000 Version 2.

Datasheet - DM2000VCM Brochure - DM2000VCM (4.9MB)

DM1000 VCM Digital Production Console

Live / Recording / Broadcast

Yamaha DM1000 VCM console overview.

The DM1000 VCM delivers the performance, versatility and key features of the DM2000 in a compact, rack-mountable mixing console. While the DM1000 is designed especially for commercial post-production, video soundtrack and broadcast purposes, it is also ideal for sound reinforcement applications. The DM1000 VCM incorporates all V2 features such as 6.1 Surround, User Assignable Layer and Global Recall Safe and adds over $6,000 worth of Yamaha's Add-On Effects packages, while Studio Manager software allows you to interchange all mix data between the DM2000, DM1000 and O2R96.

Datasheet - DM1000VCM Brochure - DM/0 VCM Series (10.3MB)

O1V96 VCM Digital Audio Mixer

Live / Project / Broadcast

Yamaha O1V96 VCM digital audio mixer.

The 01V96VCM delivers the performance and reliability of Yamaha's digital live sound and production consoles in a compact design that is perfect for home and professional applications where space is limited or maximum portability is required. It may be small but it can handle up to 40 inputs, and can be cascaded if more are required. In addition to the many improvements that were implemented in the 01V96 Version 2, the 01V96VCM comes with a selection of Yamaha's VCM effects built in. The entire console - effects included - features 24 bit/96 kHz operation.

Datasheet - 01V96VCM Brochure - 01V96VCM (2.3MB)

AD8HR 8-Channel Remote Head Amplifier and AD Converter

Yamaha AD8HR 8-Channel Remote Head Amplifier and AD Converter.

The AD8HR is Yamaha's 8-channel, remotely controllable microphone preamp/AD converter in a compact 1U rack size unit. The AD8HR can be used with Yamaha digital consoles such as the PM5D, DM2000 and DM1000, providing high-quality remote microphone preamps with analogue circuitry derived from the PM5000 console. The AD8HR provides AES/EBU digital audio output via high-performance 24-bit/96-kHz AD converters, and allows gain, filter, and phantom power control directly from the console.

Datasheet - AD8HR Brochure - AD8HR (204KB)
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Mini-YGDAI Cards

Yamaha AD8HR 8-Channel Remote Head Amplifier and AD Converter.

Yamaha offers a wide range of analogue and digital audio I/O options for Yamaha digital mixing consoles, DME Series digital mixing engines and TXn Series network power amplifiers.

To check compatibility with your product, use Yamaha's I/O card matching checker.

Analog I/O Cards
MY Card Format Description
MY4AD A/D 4-channel line-level analogue input card with 4 balanced XLR inputs
MY8ADDA96 A/D+D/A 8-channel analog I/O (8in, 8 out); 24 bit; Euroblock connector
MY8AD24 A/D 8-channel line-level analogue input card, eight 1/4" balanced inputs w/ 24-bit A/D
MY8AD96 A/D 8-channel, 24-bit/96kHz analogue line-level input card. 25-pin D-sub connector
MY4DA D/A 4-channel line-level analogue output card with 4 balanced XLR outputs
MY8DA96 D/A 8-channel, 24-bit/96kHz analogue line-level output card with 25-pin D-sub connector

Digital I/O Cards
MY Card Format Description
MY8AE AES/EBU 8-channel digital I/O for AES/EBU digital format devices
MY8AE96 AES/EBU 8-channel, 24-bit/96kHz AES Input/Output card; 25-pin D-sub connector
MY8AE96S AES/EBU 8-channel, 24-bit/96kHz AES I/O card w/Sample Rate Conversion; 25-pin D-sub connector
MY8AEB AES/EBU 8-channel, 24-bit/96kHz AES I/O card via BNC connectors with Exi-Clock Sync capability
MY16AE AES/EBU 16-channel AES/EBU interface card; 8 channels at 96kHz; dual D-sub interface
MY8AT ADAT 8-channel digital I/O for ADAT digital format devices
MY16AT ADAT 16-channel ADAT interface card; 8 channels at 96kHz; dual Optical I/O interface
MY8TD TDIF 8-channel interface card for TASCAM TDIF digital format devices
MY16TD TDIF 16-channel TASCAM interface card; 8 channels at 96kHz; dual D-sub interface

Interface I/O Cards
MY Card Format Description
MY16-CII CobraNet 16-channel CobraNet I/O; 96kHz; 2x RJ45 connectors; improved power efficiency & latency
Dante-MY16-AUD Dante 16-channel Dante interface card; 8 channels at 96kHz; 2x RJ45 connectors, 1x Serial port; incl. 1x Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) licence
MY16-ES64 EtherSound 16-channel EtherSound interface card; 2x EtherCon connectors, 2x RJ45 connectors
MY16-MD64 MADI 16-channel MADI interface card; 2x BNC, 2x optical, 2x RJ45; 96kHz
MY16EX - 16-channel digital expansion card for use with MY16-ES64 or MY16-MD64
MY8SDI-D HD-SDI 8-channel HD-SDI Demultiplexer card with 1 x HD-SDI input, 1 x thru-output (non-reclocked) via BNC connectors