Coda Audio Service Dept.

Coda maintains an efficient service, repair and spare parts facility at our Mascot premises. Initially intended as a service to our production clients, the facility has grown with the increase in demand for the high quality, friendly service we provide.

In addition, with fewer companies providing professional audio product and performance equipment repairs, we have experienced a major increase in the number of enquiries and service requests from both our traditional client base and the general public.

To us it appears that many more studios, production companies and venues are either holding on to their equipment longer or are reducing their in-house service personnel. There is also a trend to restore and use older analog equipment, such as tape recorders and vintage processors. Although our service department is small we have a wealth of experience with both new and old technologies, still specializing in the repair of professional and commercial audio products:

  • Analog and digital mixing consoles, effectors and processors.
  • Linear and switchmode amplifiers.
  • Radio mic. and radio communications systems.
  • Speakers and microphones.
  • Multicore systems.

Yamaha Pro Audio

We are also an authorized repair centre for Yamaha Commercial and Professional Audio products.

Some items require specialized calibration which is often only available from the distributor. In these cases we evaluate the repair required, organize and monitor progress and test the items on return for a small fee.

We can give obligation free quotations, usually within two days, and always endeavor to return equipment to service in as short a time as possible.

For service enquiries please call Victor Swat on (02) 9693 5650 or email